What to Expect
on Your First Visit

Patients visiting Rhino Chiropractic for the first time are often curious as to what the process is, and what to expect on their first chiropractic visit. Learn what to expect, and read a step-by-step process regarding what you will experience on your first visit to Dr. Ryan Mulcahy at Rhino Chiropractic in Victor.

Complete Application for New Members

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Application

We ask all of our new patients to complete a new member application as completely as they can. This form includes questions about your healthcare history and gives us an understanding of past trauma and injuries that might be contributing to current health problems.

Tour the Office

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Office Tour

When you come in to visit, we’ll take you on a tour of the office, explaining what we do, our methods, how they help and why. This will help you to feel more at home here and develop an understanding of what principled chiropractic is.


Following the tour, you’ll sit down with a Victor chiropractor for a special one-on-one healthcare consult. We will talk about your current issues, past health concerns, goals for recovery, and other healthcare history issues so we can provide only the very best healthcare.

Objective Chiropractic Assessment/Evaluation

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Assessment

At this stage, we will perform a complete and neurologic diagnostic evaluation using state of the art advanced technology and methods published and certified by NASA and the SPACE foundation institute. Evaluating your nervous system with our various methods allows us to assess with pinpoint accuracy where there may be any pressure, dysfunction or underlying issues we call subluxations might be.  It also allows us to test the severity and duration these underlying weaknesses have been there.

Diagnostic Imaging

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor xRay

At this point we will take any necessary specific chiropractic postural x-rays or any other diagnostic imaging that may be required, so we can more closely evaluate the underlying structure so we’re never left guessing with your health. This will confirm preliminary diagnoses and allow us to approach care recommendations, expectations and any limitations with the most detailed information possible.

Care Recommendations and Plan

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Care Plan

Once Dr. Ryan Mulcahy has completed your thorough assessment, examination and diagnosis, a specialized and customized plan of care will be created that is tailored specifically to your individual needs.

Doctors Report of Findings

Rhino Chiropractic-Victor Chiropractor followup

On your follow-up visit, we will sit down with you and your loved ones, and will present to you a detailed report of findings for your personal case. This will include a full analysis of your chiropractic postural imaging and the results of your complete neurologic diagnostic evaluation. We will also discuss with you your customized and specific plan of corrective care and payment options moving forward.

The Road to Health

The process of healing is a two-way street, navigated by both your Victor chiropractor and you.  You two are a team.  In order to experience healthcare improvements, you will need to commit to your appointments and to taking all necessary steps and lifestyle changes needed.  You will be served with the highest quality care and empowerment while in the office, but ultimately, health is a choice and personal responsibility must be taken.  We invite you and your family to fully take charge of your greatest asset, which is your health!

Patience is also essential—while some see improvements right away, others take more time.  Healing takes both Time and Repetition.  Consistency is key.  Please understand, too, that at first some temporary stiffness and discomfort are normal. These healing sensations are a sign of your body correcting itself as nervous system function is restored.  Healing sensations or “Retracing” is a Great sign that you and the Doctor are formulating changes.  In order to heal, we must see change.  At Rhino Chiropractic, it’s all about progress, not perfection.

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractic road to health

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Ryan Mulcahy at Rhino Chiropractic of Victor today!  We look forward to helping you and your family take charge of your health!