Webster Technique

The Webster Chiropractic Technique is a specialized form of pregnancy-focused care that is designed to specifically address pelvic dysfunction. It seeks to correct pelvic torsion through specific and gentle adjustments to the sacral area in the second lowest spinal region. By doing so, postural issues, as well as spinal misalignments that can affect not only uterine constraint, but also be a causative factor in a number of reproductive and digestive ailments.  These may often be corrected with the Webster Technique. It is most often practiced to benefit women during both pre and post-natal periods of pregnancy, to improve function, relieve pain that develops as the baby grows (placing increased pressure and constraint on the low back and pelvic regions) and give mom-to-be the best opportunity to deliver her baby as naturally and comfortably as possible.

About the Webster Chiropractic Technique

Founded by Dr. Larry Webster, the Webster Chiropractic Technique was first developed to treat women suffering from breech pregnancies—those where the fetus is oriented feet-first rather than head-first as normal. Dr. Webster believed that adjusting the sacral and pelvic regions could help to realign the fetus.

In many cases, the method is used to relieve pressure and stress on the sacrum which cause subluxations. When people experience such misalignments, their energy, mobility and overall health can be negatively affected. Use of the Webster method can restore optimal biomechanics, proper function and reduce the pain and discomfort of these problems.

How the Webster Method Works

The Webster method recognizes that abnormalities in pelvic positioning or spinal misalignments in the lower back can often result from misalignments of the tail end of the spine, including the coccyx. By using gentle pressure and adjustments, these subluxations can be corrected, mobility restored and natural functioning resumed.

At Rhino Chiropractic, we carefully examine the patient’s resting posture and movement restrictions using the most advanced technology available, before beginning any adjustment process.

Pregnancy and the Webster Technique

Many women past their first trimester experience torsional stress from the growth of the fetus, which causes the placenta and uterus to press upon the sacrum and create subluxations. By applying gentle opposing pressure to the lower region of the pelvis, adjustments can help to restore the proper sacrum position and reduce these adverse effects.

Many women who undergo the Webster technique report reduced discomfort and a far more comfortable pregnancy, and are better prepared for the birthing process. As with any pregnancy complications, mothers undergoing the Webster technique should only do so as part of a complete care plan which includes regular OB-GYN or midwife consults to monitor the continual health of both the mother and child.

Dr. Ryan Mulcahy at Rhino Chiropractic in Victor is experienced at delivering care using the Webster chiropractic technique to improve the health and wellness of any patients in need, including expecting mothers.  Research shows that gentle and specific chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy can not only reduce labor pains, but also delivery times by up to 42% … making it easier on both mom and baby.

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