At Rhino Chiropractic, our mission is to help the local Victor community reach maximum potential through a holistic, non-invasive and whole-body approach to health and wellness by providing the best, most advanced chiropractic care available. We use only the most current techniques and information, advanced technology and ongoing education and research to bring the very best in care to your entire family.

When you visit our office, you will receive a thorough evaluation and review of your health history which is only the beginning of a specialized health and wellness plan which will be tailored to your individual needs and issues, and provides the perfect solutions for you. Choosing chiropractic care through Rhino Chiropractic will not only let you feel healthier, but more importantly function better and overall improve your quality of life. Your health and the health of your family is our mission and top priority.


Meet the Team

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Dr Mulcahy

Meet Dr. Ryan Mulcahy and the entire team at Rhino Chiropractic in Victor.

Torque Release Technique

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor TRT

The Torque Release Technique, or TRT, is a very popular method of chiropractic care which has proven to provide highly effective results.

Webster Technique

Rhino Chiropractic Victor Chiropractor Webster

The Webster Technique is a specialized form of pregnancy-focused care designed to specifically address pelvic dysfunction.

Our Purpose

Our Goal is to maximize the expression of the perfection within!  We recognize that all organic systems in the universe are conscious, self-regulating, self-developing, self-maintaining, and self-healing. We believe that these systems work best when they’re free of interference.  We understand that the Nervous System is primarily responsible for orchestrating the internal and external dialogue of the body, necessary for LIFE.  And therefore, we acknowledge that there are three interferences to the Nervous System: physical trauma, environmental toxins, and emotional stress!  Our PURPOSE & MISSION is to correct these interferences, allowing your body to express it’s Innate Potential.

Whole Family Chiropractic Care

Through gentle and specific, scientific chiropractic spinal adjustments, chiropractic care allows the body the ability to function at its fullest health potential.

This allows every member of your family to live at an optimal level of health. This form of care is safe, effective and efficient for patients of any age, whether an infant or an elder.

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